Friday, 10 September 2010

Mabye we should just print in blood

This is a chart of the different prices per ml of different fluids compared to Hp black ink

Yea just a tad over expensive for ink huh

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Square Enix Boss Gets Death Threats Over Xbox 360 FF13


Square Enix’s decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan, after repeatedly promising it would be a PS3 exclusive, has driven fans into a frenzy, with some becoming so angry as to begin delivering death threats to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada on his own Twitter account.

After the news of the port’s release became widely reported and confirmed as more than a mere rumour, irate fans descended upon Yoichi Wada’s Twitter account:

Is it true? After saying so many times it would never be released on the Xbox in Japan, if you really do release it nobody will trust your word again.

Say something!

You’re going to betray us after saying it would never come out? I’m cancelling my pre-orders.

You liar!

Lying to customers is how you do business, eh? I’ll never buy a Square Enix title again.

With all the illegal lies and misdirection about FF13 you made, I reported you to the ministry of consumer affairs. And you promised DLC and quietly abandoned it – you’re detestable.


Stop your pompous waffling and resign! Haven’t you made enough money yet? Next time put a guy who actually loves games in charge.

What’s up with game developers? Practically everything they say is a lie…

Well done, Scrooge.

Hey Wada! What the hell is this about FF13 on the 360 in Japan? You kept advertising the game in all the mags as a domestic PS3 exclusive! If you go through with this nobody’ll trust you again… Honestly I hate you so much I’d like to kill you. Quit soon. This is your last chance.

You’d better be prepared to run, or you’ll be killed! At the very least you ought to be prepared for a few rocks thrown your way!

Whilst such threats can be dismissed as the standard ravings of Square Enix’s increasingly desperate fanbase, Japanese police will make arrests for less, and they certainly demonstrate yet another looming PR disaster.

Wada himself was conspicuously silent in the face on of the onslaught.

Another great thing from sankaku complex, well if they decide they really want to give it to the xbox 360 then let them, it isn't like the game was at all great to begin with, plus they are only giving it finally to the japanese its already out accross europe and america

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Idiot thinks electricity is safe from

Nikola Tesla Jr. here decided it would be a good idea to attach two electrical clamps to his nipples in science class one day and stop his heart. But now he wants to sue his teacher for never informing him APPLYING LIVE ELECTRICAL CURRENT TO YOUR NIPS ISN'T SAFE. But you know what is safe? The chair. Here -- take a seat, dipshit.
[Kyle] Dubois (18) and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not tell him and other students of the dangers of the demonstration power cords in their electrical trades class.
They are seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to time away from work and other damages related to the incident, which occurred on March 11.
Dubois attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to the other. A third student plugged in the cord.
Dubois was critically injured and his legal team claim he has suffered permanent brain damage.
Listen, I hate to break it to you but Kyle's brain was permanently damaged long before getting his balls shocked off. And to Kyle's parents: you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If your child hasn't learned ELECTRICITY IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED TO TITS by the time they're 18-YEARS OLD, you didn't do your job. If I was the school I'd counter-sue to make his parents build a time machine, go back in time, and never procreate. *banging gavel* This is the word of Judge GW. is where this is from if ya haven't went there yet i suggest ya do it a great website

Monday, 6 September 2010

“I Ordered My Men to Use a Prisoner for Bayonet Practice”

An elderly Japanese veteran’s recollection of how he ordered his men to use a Chinese prisoner as a target for bayonet drill, reasoning that the soldiers needed to develop some “backbone,” is proving highly controversial online.
The 90-year-old man, a resident of Wakayama prefecture, recounts how he served in the Imperial Japanese Army and was dispatched to Jiangxi in southern China in 1941, aged 20.
The men forced Chinese to provide them food, but he recalls doubts – “We were taught that this was a holy war to save the people of China, but I wondered if this was really right.” He was not told of the laws of war.
He experienced bitter fighting on the frontlines, and recalls that when not fighting he spent his time being beaten and whipped by superiors.
By 1943 he was a corporal, and in command of 5 conscripts himself. He tells how, in order to put some backbone into his men, he ordered them to bayonet a Chinese prisoner – a man in his mid twenties.
His hands were tied and the corporal ordered his men to charge the man one by one with fixed bayonets, each running 10m and then stabbing him in the chest. The prisoner  screamed as he realised what his captors were about to do, but the soldiers had soon killed him.
After returning home he did not speak of the incident, though his recollection of the events never faded – “I did an inhuman thing.”
“My ignorance [of international law] caused me to give that order. We lost our reason in that kill or be killed world back then.”
Despite speaking about his war experiences repeatedly, only in 2010 did he reveal he ordered the murder – “If we don’t tell people, I fear the world may again descend into war.”

Man some things just screwed up, that picture ain't in color what time did they live in :3
Taken from sankaku complex probaly one of the best sites around

So i'm back after a long period away

Whats up, whats up well lets start to discuss ff14 while im here

The latest controversy to erupt around Final Fantasy XIV consists of accusations that the game shamelessly copy-pastes the same towns and environmental elements over and over without the slightest variation, making one end of the world identical to another and subsequently devoid of character.

Beta testers provide comparison imagery which they claim highlights the problem:


Whatever the acceptable level of repetition in a game, with Final Fantasy XIV now in the late stages of development it may be too late to expect action on this front – of course, with only 8-15 hours of weekly play allowed, perhaps it is hoped players will not have time for the scenery to become too repetitive.

Man i wanna play this game but there are gonna be some huge problems with it, what do the rest of you think?

Link the lazy ass

Link the lazy ass

If only humans could have a bad motivator i'd use that excuse

If only humans could have a bad motivator i'd use that excuse

the bastard red ring of death

the bastard red ring of death